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For further details on the services above [DDET click here…] The following descriptions are a sample of the specialized services that are performed to obtain more traffic, more leads and more exposure for your website. These services are what your looking for to get your business seen and increase the amount of money that you’re making with your website.

Website Marketing

Market Keyword Research: The gathering of keywords and knowing your market is an absolute must. Keywords are the way that people find you on the search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN/Bing). Our services will provide a targeted list of keywords for your National, International or local search market. Complete documentation will be provided containing the approximate number of searches and competition that the keywords get in a given month.

Competitor Analysis: Knowing who your completion is and what it will take to replace them is a vital part of online marketing. We will provide detailed information on your top 3 competitors. Tracking your competitors’ websites will provide the roadmap to removing them from top positions and placing your website at the top of the results pages.

On page optimization: This is necessary to help the search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) find your page on the internet. On page optimization would include analysis of content and page structure. Additionally, creation or replacement of title tags, meta tags and descriptions of pages will be completed with access to the website. Note: Tags and descriptions are computer code that is read by the search engines and other applications that rank your site.

Video Production: Video is fast becoming a mainstream standard online. Videos can drive traffic to your website and video profile pages can provide valuable links that assist in search engine rankings. There are many different methods to capture video; screen capture, power point presentations and live presentations. It’s now even possible to produce video in HD quality. No matter what way you look at it, video should always be part of your website marketing plan.

Video editing: Editing is always necessary to complete final video product for presentation.
Video Account Creation: Setting up a video account can be painful to create and customize. We will stop any frustration before it happens by creating your accounts and customizing them as needed.

Backlinking Structure: Links with appropriate anchor text and tags will be created to enhance page popularity and traffic to your website.

Site statistics and Tracking: We will place tracking code on your entire website with your provided access. Tracking is necessary to enhance knowledge of customer Geographic’s. Additionally, tracking will provide continued knowledge on referral sources and keywords that are used to get to your web pages.

Social Bookmarking: Bookmarking at social sites is used to increase the number of links pointing back to your website and is an integral part of search engine optimization. In general, the more links that you have pointing back to your website, the higher you will rank in the search engines. These bookmarking sites have good authority and are a benefit to your over all web presence.

Classified Ads: Although you may think of a news paper when you hear classified ads, there are many online sources that provide the same type of service. Specific placement in these types of websites can assist in driving direct traffic to your website and provide additional links to assist in search engine optimization.

Article Submissions: Submitting topic related articles to directories can not only assist in traffic generation but provide high authority links back to your website. We will either use content that you currently have or create new content to use for the articles. By using our service, just one article can produce hundreds of links back to your website.

Directory Submissions: Submitting your website to online directories provides a good stable base to your online marketing structure. We provide timed directory submissions to enhance your sites link popularity and over all presence.

Accessory Site Creation: An accessory site is an additional website that is created for the sole purpose of promoting your main website. This site can provide additional traffic, rankings and exposure to your business. Every additional accessory site that is created for your business provides enormous value to your main website.[/DDET]

Tactics that are used to market online are always changing. With technology developments and advancements made on the web on a daily basis, you can be assured that our services are on the cutting edge to provide the best results possible.

On the flip-slip don’t be fooled. Often online marketing companies will present a “secret sauce” that is supposed to get you to #1 right away. All to often these “magic pills” only work for a short period of time, or worse may get your website banned by the search engines. Basic web marketing principals always apply. Be sure to discuss what methods are going to be used to promote your website with any marketing company.

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